How to Make Healthy Changes? Setting SMART Goals

Hello ladies and welcome to the Salubrious Seed Blog!

We are starting off the intervention talking about goal setting. To accomplish most things in life, we must have an ultimate outcome or goal in mind that we would like to achieve.

When making goals, especially health behavior goals, it is important that these be realistic and time-bound. Setting a goal like “by the end of the month I will have lost 100 pounds” isn’t very realistic.  Setting realistic goals is the key to successful change.


Therefore, the first step in making goals is to make them realistic and time-bound.  In the extreme example I provided, I could make the goal more realistic and time-bound by instead of aiming to lose 100 pounds in a month, I could realistically aim to lose this weight in 2 years.

Additionally, to succeed at reaching this goal I  need to make it specific, measurable and attainable.  

I can do this by setting weekly short-term goals such as “I will lose 1 pound each week for the next 2 years”.


Now that I have set these small stepping stones, I need to focus on how I will accomplish this short-term goal.  I can do this by making each step as specific, measurable, and attainable as possible. For example, the first week I could reduce my soda consumption from 5 coke cans a day to 1 coke can a day (measurable and time-bound steps).   The more specific you get the better the chances you have at succeeding.

Therefore, in this 6-week program at the beginning of each week, we will be creating specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals… AKA SMART goals.

Every Monday we will each create two goals:

The first goal is to set a number of fruits and vegetables (FV) you would like to minimally consume on MOST days of the week. For example, I will eat 3 servings of vegetables (1 cup equivalent) and 2 servings of whole fruit (also, 1 cup equivalent).


The second goal is to set a number of times that you would like to cook at home for the week. For example, I will meal prep on Tuesday night, Thursday night, Saturday at lunchtime, and Sunday night.  Therefore, I will be cooking 4 times per week (notice that I also set a time for when I will cook, remember the more specific your goal is the more attainable it becomes!)


To keep in check with your goals:

On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s I will be checking in with you via text message on the number of servings of FV that you consumed for that specific day.

On Monday’s I will also be checking in via text message the number of times that you prepared meals at home for that week.


The following Monday (7 days after creating your personal goals) you will receive feedback on your FV consumption and weekly cooking schedule. If you are meeting both of the goals that you set for the week and you have completed the weekly activities you will be awarded a $5 Amazon e-gift card (You will receive the gift card’s at the end of the intervention).  If you did NOT meet either or one of your goals you will be provided with additional handouts on ways to help you with the goal you are struggling with for the upcoming week.

Happy Monday!

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