Creating a Grocery List

Hello ladies!

As we learned this Monday the 7th step to menu planning is creating a grocery list.  I decided to make a whole different post for this step because the explanation requires more details than the first 6 steps.  I wanted to give us plenty of space and time to go over the steps for how to create a healthy and money saving grocery list!

So without further ado, here are the steps1,2:

1.Keep an ongoing list1. When you start to run low on an item add that item to your list.  This list can either be stuck to your refrigerator, kept in a notepad easy to access in your kitchen or even write it down in the notes section of your phone.  Whatever your preference is stick to it!  I found that for me what worked best was on my phone because I tend to always have my phone on hand vs. the handwritten list tended to be forgotten at home when I was making my grocery store trips.

Example: Mia notices that she is running out of almond milk, chicken, and rice so she writes these items on her notes section of her phone and titles the note “GROCERIES 09/27/2017.  It is helpful to write the date in case you have an old grocery list on your notes you don’t want the two getting mixed up.


2.Use your weekly menu to write the rest of your grocery list1. Make sure and check your refrigerator and pantry to make sure you don’t purchase items you already have. Also, don’t forget to note down the quantity of each ingredient that you need to purchase, especially when trying out new recipes.  More than once have I found myself at the store not knowing how much of an ingredient I need to purchase!

Example: After making her weekly menu on Saturday Mia takes each of the recipes she has selected and reviews each ingredient.  She first checks her refrigerator before writing down an ingredient to her grocery list.  She double checks her list to make sure she wrote down all of the quantities for each ingredient. 

office-620817_1920 (1)

3.Organize your shopping list according to the 5 different food groups: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Dairy, Protein & Other. This is helpful to ensure your meeting your needs from each of the food groups!  Here is a visual example from MyPlate2:

grocery list.png

If you want to download this specific list here is a downloadable pdf:


Hope this helps when you write your next grocery list…

Happy grocery shopping ladies!


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