Fruit & Vegetable Highlight: Cauliflower and Raspberries

Hello ladies!

Friday is upon us yet again! This Friday we are highlighting cauliflower and raspberries! Yum!

Let’s check them out…




  • Cauliflower is a rich source of vitamin C and folate1
    • Vitamin C … as we now know is popular amongst many FV! It helps us protect our cells from free radicals and it aids the body in wound healing, increasing the absorption of non-heme iron, and proper functioning of the immune system2.
    • Folate is a B-vitamin that is needed to help DNA and other body cells divide3.

Season: Fall4

Cooking Tips: Cauliflower can be eaten raw, roasted, steamed or sauteed5.

Buying Tips: If buying fresh cauliflower ensure that it is a uniform color, florets are tight, and the leaves around the cauliflower look fresh5.

Storing Tips:  Wrap in plastic4 and refrigerate, can last up to 3-5 days6.




  • Highest in Vitamin C and Potassium7
    • Vitamin C (see above)
    • Potassium has an important role in helping healthy cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Potassium is very important for proper functioning of the heart, smooth muscle contraction, and normal functioning of the GI tract8.

Season: Summer & Fall4

Cooking Tips: Can be tasty either fresh, plain, with oatmeal, or in baked goods9.

Buying Tips: Make sure berries are all a solid color with no mold9.

Storing Tips: Unwashed, in a shallow container9.

This week our recipe food demonstration is Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza10 by the Fitmencook blog!

Below are the “how to videos”:

How to cut cauliflower10

Also if you were wondering where you can buy a cheesecloth here is a direct link to buy cheesecloths on Amazon:

The price is ~$10

Last, if you have never seen Almond Flour Trader Joes is a good place to get it!

Happy pizza making!


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Header Image: Pixabay. Raspberries, Red. Internet: (accessed September 6 2017).

Image 1: Pixabay. Cauliflower.  Internet: (accessed September 6 2017).

Image 2: Pixabay. Raspberries.  Internet: (accessed September 6 2017)

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