Knife Terminology

Hello ladies!

This post is to help you decipher some cutting terminology when reading recipes and it can also help you feel ~fancy~ next time you are talking to other culinary fans.

Basic Knife Terminology1:

This post focuses mainly on how to use a knife and different techniques for cutting up FV. Learning how to use a knife and different ways to cut up FV makes cooking easier and faster.  Like everything else in life, the first few times you attempt doing these techniques it might feel awkward or difficult, but with practice, you will be chopping away like a pro!

How to hold a knife:

  • Use a sharp knife on a sturdy surface (the sharper the knife the safer it is!)
  • Place a damp cloth or paper towel under the cutting board to prevent it from moving
  • Tuck your fingertips under your knuckles and rest the blade of the knife against your knuckles as such:


  • The other hand should be holding the blade with your thumb on one side of the blade and all of your fingers on the other side as such:


View from the other side…


Here is a video in case it helps you visualize things better!

Now that we know how to hold our knife we can focus on cutting. When reading a recipe, you might come across something like this:

“1 small zucchini, 1-inch-diced” or “2 teaspoons of minced garlic”

These basic cuts come from classic French cutting techniques and they represent a standard measurement.  It is helpful to be aware of these sizes because different sizes of the chopped veggies can mean different cooking times3.


  • Small dice (Macedoine): cut measuring about ¼”small dice
  • Medium dice (Parmentier): cut about ½medium dice
  • Large dice (carre): cut about ¾” large dice

If you would like more detailed instructions on how to master these cuts I have attached a video on how to cut an onion in many different ways! This video includes how to secure your cutting table and hold your knife. The part of dicing starts at minute 8, however, I recommend that you watch all of it because there are very useful techniques he covers4!

Julienne: AKA allumette or the matchstick cut1


Follow this link for a helpful video on how to julienne 6:

Chiffonade: This type of cutting is usually done when slicing greens and fresh herbs 1


Follow the link to this video to see how to chiffonade green leafy vegetables8:

Mince: very small chop1


Follow this video link to learn how to mince garlic10:

Additional resources:

Happy cutting!! 🔪 😀


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