Fruit and Vegetable Highlight: Apple and Squash

Hello ladies!

Alas, we have arrived to our very last blog post!  We are finishing off with a highlight of Apples and Squash!  What better fruits and vegetables to highlight in the fall?

Winter Squash Butternut: 



  • Rich in potassium and vitamin A (their important roles in the body have been discussed in previous weeks!)

Season: Winter & Fall2

Cooking Tips: Squash can be tasty roasted, steamed or sauteed3.

Buying Tips: Ensure that the squash is firm to the touch and has a dull finish on the skin3

Storing Tips: When in a cool dry place3 and they can last up to 2-6 weeks4.




  • Apples are rich sources of potassium (also highlighted in previous weeks!) and phosphorus5
    • Phosphorus works closely with Calcium to build strong bones and teeth.  It also plays an important role in filtering out waste n the kidneys and helping the body store and use energy.  Phosphorus is also involved in reducing muscle pain after an exercise bout.  Phosphorus is also important for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all tissues and cells and is needed for creating DNA and RNA6.

Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall2

Cooking Tips: Can be great raw, in oatmeal, or in baked goods7!

Buying Tips: Apples should be firm and free of wrinkles or holes7.

Storing Tips: If put in the refrigerator they can last up to 4-6 weeks4!

The recipe for this week is Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal8 by Allrecipies!


Here is the “how to’s: for the week

How to cut an apple9


Last week! Remember to please post and share a picture of this recipe if you make it at home!



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Header: Pixabay.  Apple, Red, Fruit.  Internet: (accessed September 2017).

Image 1: Pixabay.  butternut-squash-fresh.  Internet: (accessed September 2017).

Image 2: Pixabay.  Apple-red-fruit. Internet: (accessed September 2017).


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