My name is Fabiola Jimenez Meza and I am the creator and editor of Salubrious Seed!  I am a second year Masters student at the University of Georgia studying Foods and Nutrition.  My undergraduate work was in Nutrition and Dietetics at Western Carolina University.

Salubrious Seed is part of a feasibility study that I am doing for my thesis.  This blog along with the Facebook Page is part of a mobile intervention that aims to help mothers of young children to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption by giving them the skills and self-efficacy to cook healthy meals for their families!

This feasibility study is 6 weeks long, so for each week I will be posting 1-3x per week on different subjects and lessons, all with the ultimate goal to help my readers increase their fruit and vegetable intake.  Additional activities will be posted on the FB page.

Hope you enjoy the post!